Family Circle “Book of the Month”


Christiane Northrup, MD, author Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, “I absolutely love The Prayer Chest. Not only it is a good story, it also offers enormously helpful and practical guidance for living a joy-filled and meaningful life.


Marc Allen, author of The Millionaire Course, “Read this book with an open mind and an open heart – and prepare yourself for some truly remarkable results.


Mark Thurston, PhD, author The Essential Edgar Cayce, This lovely, engaging pararable inspires us with hope that no matter what suffering, misfortune or bad luck befalls us, there are principles of truth that can light the way.”


Caroline Reynolds, author Spiritual Fitness, A simple yet profound tale of loss, acceptance and emergence.




Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, “This book addresses a complex and delicate topic. It is quietly revolutionary, teaching a process of prayer that changes souls and lives.”


Judy Collins, singer, songwriter, author, “This Book tells me “I” can become “we”, and the unfolding of purpose and blessings can flow into our lives and those of our friends and loved ones. Here is a guide that reaches deep. I love this book!”


Booklist, “A useful, hands-on prayer book that approaches prayer from a practical perspective.”


Tao Te Ching: The New Translation from Tao Te Ching, The Definitive Edition




NAPRA ReView, “It would be hard to find a fresh approach to a text that ranks only behind the bible as the most widely translated book in the world, but Star achieves that goal. As fascinating to the casual scholar as it is for the serious student.”


Jacob Neeleman, author of The American Soul, “Star’s translation achieves the essential: It clarifies the meaning of the text without in the slightest reducing its mystery.”




Michael Snyder, “This is a fantastic little book full of positive scripture verses. I take one each day for a healthy spiritual life. If you like to read just a little scripture to get you out of the door in the morning, get this great inexpensive dose of Vitamin S!”


Donna Creel, “A good book. Enjoy referring to it often. Recommend it to anyone.”


Testimony of Light: An Extraordinary Message of Life After Death


By Helen Greaves


Forward By August Gold


Published for the first time in the United States, Testimony of Light is about life after death. It offers an important message to us all — that the death of the body is but a gentle passing to a much freer and fuller life.


The Science of Thought Review, “Never have we read such a spontaneous, simple, direct, happy and instructive series of scripts from ‘the other side.'”

Prediction Magazine
, “This classic is a must-read for those interested in our sojourns in the afterlife.”



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For the millions of people who have read and loved Think and Grow Rich, here- for the first time-is a workbook and companion to the classic bestseller.


With its life-changing thirteen-step process, Think and Grow Rich has been a blueprint for countless many on their road to riches. Now, for the first time, readers and students of this powerful program will have this beautifully designed and user-friendly volume for use alongside the classic.


The Think and Grow Rich Workbook includes:


  • More than fifty transformational exercises, for every one of the thirteen steps
  • Dozens of inspirational nuggets from the book, each highlighted for further study
  • Short and powerful quotes aimed to boost the Think and Grow Rich experience
  • Journal sections to record answers, thoughts, next-steps, and “wins”
  • Biographical sketches of some of history’s wealthiest people
  • A practical spiral-bound binding, designed to make using the workbook easy and helpful
  • Lists, ideas, tips, and much more!


The Think and Grow Rich Workbook is the best guide for anyone who wants to turn their dreams into reality.




Designed to be used in conjunction with Hill’s original classic, The Think and Grow Rich Success Journal is a tool that will help readers chronicle their thoughts as they go through the Think and Grow Rich journey, but also remind them to list desires, record questions, make lists, express “a-ha” moments, and more.


By writing down the successes that they encounter as they read Think and Grow Rich, readers will become more accustomed to acknowledging the opportunities and riches they already have and receive on a daily basis.


The Think and Grow Rich Success Journal includes:


  • Inspiring quotes from Think and Grow Rich
  • A motivational checklist to stay focused and on track
  • A section for “Imagination Ideas”
  • Daily “Success Tips”
  • Journal to write your Success Notes
  • The classic “You Six Steps to Success”
  • and so much more


The Think and Grow Rich Success Journal will become the essential tool to help each reader notice more, experience more, and receive more.




Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill has become the must-have bible of prosperity and success for millions of readers since its initial publication in 1937. Now-from the number-one publisher of Napoleon Hill’s books-comes the most complete and essential edition of Think and Grow Rich yet. For the first time in one volume, this classic book will include these powerful tools:


  • the original 1937 text of Hill’s classic book;
  • an all-new Introduction;
  • pull-out quotes for memorization and inspiration;
  • additional quotes on success from history’s greatest lives;
  • Success Questions at the end of each chapter;
  • Success Action-Steps that tie in to each of Hill’s Thirteen Steps to Riches;
  • a Statement of Desire Contract with Life that each reader can sign;
  • a Success Notes section for insights, ideas, and action items;
  • instructions on how to form a Master Mind Group and/or a Master Mind Partnership;
  • and more!


Published in the easy-to-use large format-the same trim as The Think and Grow Rich Workbook and The Think and Grow Rich Success Journal-this is the only edition that serious students of Think and Grow Rich will want to use to understand the original text fully and put it into action in their lives.




A fantastic bargain on a classic and popular self-help text, this starter kit is a must-have for all of Napoleon Hill’s fans worldwide, as well as fans of Hill’s work who want to share this life-changing philosophy with others.


The wonderful Think and Grow Rich Starter Kit will give new students to Napoleon Hill’s teachings and philosophy everything they need in order to become fully immersed in this life-changing philosophy. Packages together with shrink wrap, a belly band, and one low introductory price, this starter kit includes Think and Grow Rich: the Mastermind Volume and The Think and Grow Rich Workbook.




A daily handbook for cultivating abundance and riches-from the classic writings of Napoleon Hill.








Top 10 Catholic Book Publishers Association List


American Library Association Booklist of Recommended Books for Children


American Library Association, “This book goes a long way to answer children’s questions about God. A safe place to start a conversation.”


The Toronto Star, “One of the best introductions to God for children. An excellent, fun, yet well-grounded book.”


Sylvia Boorstein, author of That’s Funny, You Don’t Look Buddhist, “A lovely book for young children that uses images and words they know well to convey the intimacy, immediacy, and availability of the experience of God.”




BOOKLIST *Starred Review* The author’s goal here is to “show young readers how to develop their own thankful eyes.” Both she and artist Halperin do that beautifully in this story of a young girl who mulls over what to be thankful for. By the book’s conclusion Daisy has found she can be thankful for . . . everything. And young readers will be ready to find their own answers. (from Preschool through Grade 2)


Kirkus Reviews, The eloquent text is enhanced by the detailed illustrations, which use widely varying perspectives and a thread of magical realism to allow Daisy’s exploration to expand.


Julie, “I have read this book to both first and second grade catholic catechism classes. I plan on using this every year I teach – thankful prayers at Thanksgiving time. Pictures are great and the reading was easy to follow and it held the kids interest!”




Association of Jewish Libraries, “This attractive book contains some beautiful concepts. A thought-provoking book, especially when shared by apparent or teacher with a child.”


Nicole Renzi, “My 2 year old loves this book! She asks for it every night at bedtime and she has the whole thing memorized. The story is told in rhyme. On the first page, a child sees a bike that he or she wants in a store and prays for it. When the bike doesn’t appear, the child is angry and cries thinking that God wasn’t listening, so mom and dad come in and explain the meaning and purpose of prayer. The author does an excellent job of explaining a topic that often seems complicated and unreachable for small children and putting it into simple terms they can understand. Even I learned from it and I’ve been praying all my life! My favorite part: “You now know God loves you and holds you dear, and all the help you need will always be near.” What a loving and reassuring message for our kids!”




Church Educator, “A charming book that presents for young children the delight of God’s presence.”


Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat Spirituality & Health, “No matter what you say or what you ever do, God’s loving heart Never closes to you.” You can bank on that! God’s love doesn’t punish and doesn’t blame and is always there to welcome us back. That’s a gigantic love that calls us to the work of apologizing and reconciling. “God’s forgiveness is forever no ifs or ands or buts! God forgives every one of us no matter why or when or what! August Gold covers the essentials of forgiveness and makes it relevant to those who are ages 3 through 6 years. “Does God Forgive Me?” is multicultural, nondenominational, nonsectarian and endorsed by Protestant, Catholic, Jewish and Buddhist religious leaders.”