The Ceremony is the heart and soul of a wedding.


The Persian poet/philosopher Rumi says that from the day we are born we begin the search the world over for the face of our beloved.  So, finding the man or woman of our dreams is a sacred journey, and the wedding ceremony is the celebration of that journey.


You want your Ceremony to be highly personal…



“The hours that we spent with August (as a couple) helped her create a completely individualized ceremony that only came from the thoughtful and insightful sessions — getting to know us and learning about our relationship …”



You want your Ceremony to be exceptionally well- crafted …



“You have the rare gift of speaking a “universal language” that touches everyones heart, no matter what their background , sexual orientation, beliefs or culture.”



You want your Ceremony to be all-embracing…






“Our wedding was a first same sex wedding for many of our older family members. Within the first two minutes of the ceremony, any sense of curiosity or fear left the place, and all that our guests experienced was pride and commitment.”



You want your Ceremony to be written not just in words but grounded in the grace, the light and expansiveness of Soul, the place where we are all one …



“… Even though our families didn’t know each other before the wedding day, you truly made the room come together as “one.”



A ceremony needs to be deeply authentic and joyous. Whether I am speaking one-on-one or to a large congregation the work of creating a divine experience of inspiration and elevation for everyone present is the same.



“… August cast a spell of love and support on everyone.”



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